Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

The Client Bill of Rights is a symbol of our dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity in our industry. Every SML employee understands these values and the principles they represent.

  • Advocacy
    SML actively represents and vigorously defends their clients. We deliver efficient recommendations and solutions backed by coordinated and customized service. Our culture and daily actions are guided by a driving commitment to do what is best for our clients.
  • Disclosure
    SML will provide their clients with all vendor quotes we receive from the marketplace either in our proposals or upon request.
  • Listen
    SML will listen before it acts. Professional guidance is only issued after thoughtful client examination and thorough assessment.
  • Feedback
    SML values client feedback. Clients are encouraged to contact us directly and provide valuable feedback regarding the quality of our services.
  • Training
    SML requires that all employees receive detailed and regular training focused on the Client Bill of Rights.
  • Adherence
    Adherence to the Client Bill of Rights will be enforced by a series of enhanced internal controls including regular compliance reviews and employee audits. The principles found within the Client Bill of Rights are absolutely enforced.
  • Compensation
    SML is compensated by a commission which is paid to us by the insurance vendors we work with on your behalf. In keeping with our mission to provide full disclosure, SML is happy to provide specific commission and bonus information upon request.



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